Hot Socks Simila

75 % virgin wool, 25 % polyamide

What you need to know about our Hot Socks Simila

You’ve always wondered how granny manages to knit two identical pairs of socks? We’ll tell you: she painstakingly looks for two thread beginnings that start with the same colour sequence. With our Hot Socks Simila, this’s history: A green marking thread at the beginning and in the middle of the yarn makes it very easy to knit two identical socks from one ball. Without the need for a long search. We love the gradient colour that runs from the cuff to the toe, and you’ll love the quality too: 100% made in Italy! Thanks to the superwash finish, your knitted socks can be washed easily. So what are you waiting for? On your socks, get set, go!

Everything you can make with our Hot Socks Simila

Show me your feet, show me your shoes – soon you’ll only want to leave the house with knitted socks from our Hot Socks Simila. You can find our knitting tips on the back of the sleeve.

Article number: c4629-301
Colour number: 301
Composition: 75 % virgin wool, 25 % polyamide
Weight / Length : 100 g / 400 m
Tension: 30 M x 40 R = 10 x 10 cm
Needle size: 2,50 mm - 3 mm
Usage: Pullover (Gr. 38) = 500 g
Certification: OEKO-TEX ®
Care advice:
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