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About Us
Handicraft Products with Personality

Our Self-Made Mission

We want to excite people about the topic of handiwork and inspire them in their creative projects. In our ever changing world that is dominated by the fast fashion uniform and passive media consumption, we stand for slow fashion, individualism and creative expression. We create products that give people moments of relaxation, joy and happiness and as a result, make the world a little bit better.

The People Behind the Scenes

We are a modern family business and a diverse team of open and down-to-earth people. As with any large community, people from different generations, backgrounds and heritages encounter one-another here, but we all have one thing in common: our enthusiasm for handiwork and a fascination for the creative work of all people who create individual and unique pieces from our products every day. We try to bring this enthusiasm into our jobs every day, because one thing is certain: a family business is a matter of passion!

Our philosophy

Good Products for a Fair Price

We pay attention to good quality as well as attractive prices to insure as many people as possible can enjoy our creative products.

Dotting the U’s (Our Personal Touch)

We are a family business, backed by people who put their heart and soul into everything they do. You can feel that in every interaction with us!

Social Commitment

Handicraft is a hobby that connects and brings a wide variety of people together! We also want to make a positive contribution to our society by being socially involved above and beyond our daily jobs!