Hot Socks Lazise, 4-fach

75 % virgin wool (superwash), 25 % polyamide

What you need to know about our Hot Socks Lazise

If you want to really relax and long for some cosy hours all snuggled up, then we have something for you: Our Hot Socks Lazise sock yarn is made exactly for these cosy occasions. And besides the feel-good factor, it has so much more to offer: The colourful patterns create a harmonious flair in no time. And the quality, too, is quite unparalleled: Pleasantly soft and hard-wearing at the same time – 100% made in Italy. Thanks to the superwash finish, you can easily wash your knits in the washing machine without felting. We are blown away by this unmistakable Italian quality.

Everything you can make with our Hot Socks Lazise

You can look forward to stunning socks that will sweeten your cosy winter days. Other knitted pieces such as jackets, knitted waistcoats or jumpers also look irresistible. Accessories like knitted hats, gloves or scarves keep you nice and warm throughout the cold season. One thing is certain: With our Hot Socks Lazise, you certainly won’t feel the cold anymore.

Article number: c3769-01
Colour number: 01
Composition: 75 % virgin wool (superwash), 25 % polyamide
Weight / Length : 100 g / 420 m
Tension: 30 M x 40 R = 10 x 10 cm
Needle size: 2,50 mm - 3 mm
Usage: Pullover (Gr. 38) = 500 g
Certification: OEKO-TEX ®
Care advice:
What you can make with Hot Socks Lazise, 4-fach
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